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Richard A. Nenneman
PERSISTENT PILGRIM: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy, Russian Edition
A biography.


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English edition available in the USA.

Here is a sample pages, in Russian, translated from the Prologue of Persistent Pilgrim.
Here is the
front cover back cover of the book.

Persistent Pilgrim was featured at the Moscow Book Fair in September 2008, where interested bookstores and other shops acquired the book for distribution. This is a major event in the growth of Christian Science in Russia, after decades of suppression during the last century. Science and Health is already available in Russian as is the Herald of Christian Science from The Christian Science Publishing Society. However, those interested in Christian Science, either as non-English speaking Russians or research scholars in Russia have had no access to any literature about the founder and leader of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy. The Spiritual Resource Foundation read all the biographies of Mary Baker Eddy, past and current, and selected Mr. Nenneman's biography for the Russian field and to be available to the Russian public better understand Mrs. Eddy's gift to humankind.

After over 5 years of patient and herculean effort to translate Richard Nenneman's Persistent Pilgrim: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy, an authorized biography published by Nebbadoon Press in 1997 in English, The Spiritual Resource Foundation, in cooperation with Nebbadoon Press, published the book in Russian in September 2008.

Christian Science is growing in Russia: already there is a Society, a Reading Room, and a Christian Science teacher in St. Petersburg.